Best Strategy For Nifty Options | How We trade Nifty Options?

Best strategy for Nifty options

Best strategy for Nifty options


The best strategy for Nifty Options, As we see in our Nifty chart short signal @ 15268 and now it is trading @ 14992, it shows that Bearish View in the charts so makes a Strategy with Bearish View. and create the Best strategy for Nifty options. Nifty charts analysis for 22nd Feb to 25th Feb 2021, Prediction for 22nd Feb to 25th Feb 2021 and View for Next week 22nd Feb to 25th Feb 2021.                                   

Best Strategy for Nifty option 

Short future @ 15006 

Short 15000 PE @ 106 (2 lots)

Buy 15200 PE @ 206

   Payoff chart for the above Strategies


     Payoff chart for the strategy

For More details Please see the full Videos


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