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Hedging Excel | Future & Options Strategy Builder

Futures & Options Strategy Builder  | Hedging Excel is Used for F&O Strategy to know about the payoff graph of each expiry levels.

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How to use this F&O Strategy Builder

Hedging Excel | Futures & options strategy builder First pls do all Strike price, Premium, Option, Buy/Sell ZERO (0) after that implement your strategy on the excel.

For a better understanding please see all below videos.

Example of how to use the excel

Bank Nifty Expiry Strategy

First we short Bank nifty future @ 33333, Buy 33000 Put option @ 1039,  short 2 lots 32500 Put option @  842, Buy 32000 Put option @ 684 and short 3 lots 31500 put option @ 546. 

Short future  @ 33333

Buy 33000 Put option @ 1039

Short 2 lots 32500 put option @ 842

Buy 32000 Put option  @ 684

Short 3 lots 31500 put option @  546 

Payoff chart of the above strategy

Download Hedging Excel

In the above payoff Chart, we see our maximum loss is unlimited on both sides.  if bank Nifty expiry above 34933, and below 29767.

and our Maximum profit approx RS 83000 if Bank Nifty expiry near 31600, we are in profit if expiry is between 29777 to 34932.

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