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SBI (State Bank of India) a Fortune 500 organization, is an Indian Multinational, Public Sector Banking and Financial administrations legal body settled in Mumbai. The rich legacy and tradition of more than 200 years, authorizes SBI as the most confided in Bank by Indians through many years.

SBI, the biggest Indian Bank with 1/fourth piece of the share, serves more than 44 crore clients through its immense organization of more than 22,000 branches, 66,000 BC outlets and 58,500 ATMs, with a resolute spotlight on development, and client centricity, which comes from the fundamental beliefs of the Bank – Service, Transparency, Ethics, Politeness and Sustainability.

The Bank has effectively broadened organizations through its 11 auxiliaries i.e SBI General Insurance, SBI Life Insurance, SBI Card, SBI Mutual Fund, and so forth It has spread its quality internationally and works across time regions through 233 workplaces in 32 far off nations.

Developing with times, SBI keeps on rethinking banking in India, as it expects to offer mindful and feasible Banking arrangements.

SBI Evolution Advancement

The beginning of the State Bank of India returns to the principal decade of the nineteenth century with the foundation of the Bank of Calcutta in Calcutta on 2 June 1806. After three years the bank got its contract and was re-planned as the Bank of Bengal (2 January 1809). 

A special establishment, it was the principal joint-stock bank of British India supported by the Government of Bengal. The Bank of Bombay (15 April 1840) and the Bank of Madras (1 July 1843) followed the Bank of Bengal. These three banks stayed at the zenith of present day banking in India till their mixture as the Imperial Bank of India on 27 January 1921.

Fundamentally Anglo-Indian manifestations, the three administration banks appeared either because of the impulses of majestic account or by the felt needs of nearby European trade and were not forced from outside in a subjective way to modernize India’s economy. 

Their advancement was, nonetheless, molded by thoughts separated from comparable improvements in Europe and England, and was impacted by changes happening in the design of both the nearby exchanging climate and those the relations of the Indian economy to the economy of Europe and the worldwide monetary structure.

Achievements & Awards

  1. IBA Award (15th Banking Technology Awards 2018-19) received on 06.02.2020

 “Best Financial Inclusion Initiatives” category. Winner 

 “Best Technology Bank of the Year (Large Bank”) category. Winner 

 “The Most Innovative Project using Technology” category. Winner 


  1.  In 2020 for Learning initiatives benefitting 2 lakh Employees wins Brandon Hall Awards.

 For e-Gyanshala –Technology Excellence Award

 For e-RBC –Technology Excellence Award 2020


  1. SBI wins three awards at Digixx 2020 Virtual Summit

 Digital Marketing Excellence in Video (Banking) – Gold winner

Digital marketing Excellence in Content Marketing (Banking) – Gold winner 

Digital marketing Excellence in Social Media (BFSI) – Silver winner 


  1. Brandon Hall Awards, Excellence in Learning 2020 for “Nayi Disha”

 ‘Best Learning Program supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy’ category  – Gold Winner 

‘Best Use of Blended Learning’ category – Gold Winner

‘Best Unique or Innovative Development Program’ category – Bronze winner


  1. State Bank Bhavan awarded the Performance Challenge Award 2020 by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) 
  1. Finnovati Award 2020 received on 10th Feb 2020

Winner of “Most Innovative Project” category for CHAPDEX (Customer Happiness Index)


  1. Dun & Bradstreet’s Bank Tech Awards 2019 received on 27th Feb 2020

Winner under Data Analytics/BI/Big Data category.

Winner under AI and ML & Robotics Process Automation category

SBI 20 years chart

SBI 20 years chart

Last 10 years dividend History

03 Jul 2000

Final Dividend – Rs. – 2.5000

02 Jul 2001

Dividend – Rs. – 5.0000

29 May 2008

Dividend – Rs. – 21.5000

10 Jun 2009

Dividend – Rs. – 29.0000

05 Feb 2010

Interim Dividend – Rs. – 10.0000

09 Jun 2010

Dividend – Rs. – 20.0000

20 May 2011

Dividend – Rs. – 30.0000

24 May 2012

Dividend – Rs. – 35.0000

28 May 2013

Dividend – Rs. – 41.5000

11 Mar 2014

Interim Dividend – Rs. – 15.0000

29 May 2014

Dividend – Rs. – 15.0000

28 May 2015

Dividend – Rs. – 3.5000

03 Jun 2016

Dividend – Rs. – 2.6000

26 May 2017

Dividend – Rs. – 2.6000

03 Jun 2021

Dividend – Rs. – 4.0000

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