NISM Series (I) Currency Derivatives Examination Test-1

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Free Mock Test NISM Currency Derivatives -Test-1

NISM Series (I) Currency Derivatives Examination Pattern
Exam FeesRs. 1500 +
Test Duration2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Total Questions100 Questions
Maximum Marks100 marks
Passing Marks60% (60 Marks)
Negative Marking– 25% of the marks assigned to the question

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Which of the following organisations issues guidelines for accounting of currency futures contracts?

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Which of the following segments of market participants are not allowed to trade in currency futures?

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The exposure of the banks, on their own account, in the currency futures market shall form part of their net open position (NOP) limits.

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What is the standard settlement convention for foreign exchange spot traders?

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If an order to buy sell is limited by fixed price it is called Limit order.

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The proper size of the hedging position in basic approach is

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When the exchange of currencies takes place on the next working day, it is known as

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Which term best describes EUR currency?

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The amount of asset that has to be delivered under one contract is the

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US dollar is widely used as ‘vehicle currency’ in foreign exchange transactions.

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