What are the total charges for buying and selling shares?


What are the total charges if we buy shares with Discount Stock Broker

what is the total charges of shares buying and selling



—  Turnover 2000

—  Brokerage 0

—  STT total 2

—  Exchange txn charge 0.06

—  Clearing charge 0

—  GST 0.01

—  SEBI charges 0

—  Total tax and charges 2.07

—  Points to breakeven 0.21

Net P&L -2.07


? 0.04% OR Rs 20

? Whichever is Higher


? If we Buy Share Rs 1000 then Total charges   Rs 22

          Means 2.2% of your Capital Invested


          If we Buy Share Rs 5000 then Total charges   Rs 30

          Means 0.6% of your Capital Invested


          If we Buy Share Rs 100000 then Total charges Rs 248

          Means 0.25% of your Capital Invested


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