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Free NISM Investment Advisor Level-1 Mock Test

Free Mock Test NISM Investment Adviser (Level 1)

Free Mock Test NISM Series (X-A) Investment Adviser (Level 1)
Exam FeesRs. 1500 +
Test Duration2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Total Questions100 Questions
Maximum Marks100 marks
Passing Marks60% (60 Marks)
Negative Marking– 25% of the marks assigned to the question

NISM Investment Adviser (Level 1) Exam Syllabus Outline

UnitsChapter Name
Unit 1Introduction to Indian Financial Market
Unit 2Securities Market Segments
Unit 3Mutual Funds
Unit 4Investment Products
Unit 5Managing Investment Risk
Unit 6Measuring Investment Returns
Unit 7Concept of Financial Planning
Unit 8Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies
Unit 9Insurance Planning
Unit 10Retirement Planning
Unit 11Tax and Estate Planning
Unit 12Regulatory Environment and Ethical Issues

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Which of the following activities does the merchant banker have to perform in the process of Issue Management?

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Which Act/Regulation prescribes the general obligations to be followed by Issuers and other intermediaries who are related to the process of issue management?

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SCORES system of SEBI does not deal with any complaints which fall under the purview of the other regulatory bodies i.e. IRDA, PFRDA, etc.

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Further Public Offer (FPO) can be made only through book building issues through the stock exchange route. State whether True or False?

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The merchant banker leading a public offer is popularly known as the ‘Lead Manager’. State whether True or False.

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Which Act aims at prohibiting anti‐competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position by enterprises and regulates combinations (acquisition, acquiring of control and M&A), which causes or likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India?

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Who is a Qualified Institutional Buyer?

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In which market, securities are issued to investors for the first time?

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Under ASBA facility, investors apply in __________ by using their bank account.

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The fees payable by the merchant banker on the grant of certificate of registration should be by a demand draft in favor of ‘Association of Investment Bankers of India (AIBI)’ payable at Mumbai.

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