Mock Test NISM Series VII Securities Operations And Risk Management

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NISM Series VII: Securities Operations And Risk Management

NISM Series VII: Securities Operations And Risk Management

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Failure to maintain and furnish documents as prescribed under various rules and regulation may attract penalty upto Rs. 1 crore.

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SPAN method of calculating margin requirement is for trades done

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Risk containment measures includes which of the following

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Contract note is confirmation of trade done during the particular day with all details of which securities have been bought or sold, at price etc

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The order can be entered for buy or sell irrespective of whether the client has sufficient balance of funds or securities in his account.

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Depending upon the order terms and conditions and the actual prevailing market prices, the order may get executed immediately, partially or fully.

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On receipt of the order at the Exchange system, an order confirmation is sent to the broker.

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Direct Market Access facility is introduced for

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Trading cum clearing members can trade and clear trades done by him, but cannot trade and clear trades done by others.

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Self‐clearing members can clear trades done by them only

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