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NISM Series (VI) Depository Operations Examination Pattern

NISM Depository Operations Exam Pattern

NISM Series (VI) Depository Operations Examination Pattern
Exam FeesRs. 1500 +
Test Duration2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Total Questions100 Questions
Maximum Marks100 marks
Passing Marks60% (60 Marks)
Negative Marking– 25% of the marks assigned to the question

NISM Depository Operations Exam Syllabus Outline

UnitsChapter Name
Unit 1Introduction to the Capital Market
Unit 2Introduction to Depository
Unit 3Depository and its Business Partners
Unit 4Functions of Depository Participant - Account Opening
Unit 5Functions of Depository Participant - Transmission and Nomination
Unit 6Functions of Depository Participant - Dematerialization
Unit 7Functions of Depository Participant - Trading and Settlement
Unit 8Pledge and Hypothecation
Unit 9Corporate Action
Unit 10Public Issues
Unit 11Debt Instruments and Government Securities
Unit 12Foreign Portfolio Investor
Unit 13Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Schemes
Unit 14Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)

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Transfer due to a transaction done on a person to person basis is called

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Only those securities whose ____________ has been activated by the depository, can be dematerialised in the depository system.

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Who can make a request for demat of the security?

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It is possible for investors to transpose names of the joint holders along with the process of dematerialisation through their DPs.

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Within how many days of request for remat of securities should the client receive the physical securities?

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The beneficial owners name in the account can even be changed after the account has been opened.

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In the event of the death of a joint holder, the balance lying in the account can be transmitted, on request of the surviving holders, to a new account to be opened by the surviving holders.

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Only a guardian can open a depository account for a minor

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The Rights and Obligation Document is a standard document approved by

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For registering as a DP, the application should be submitted __________

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