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NISM Series (VI) Depository Operations Examination

NISM Depository Operations Exam Pattern

NISM Series (VI) Depository Operations Examination Pattern
Exam FeesRs. 1500 +
Test Duration2 Hours (120 Minutes)
Total Questions100 Questions
Maximum Marks100 marks
Passing Marks60% (60 Marks)
Negative Marking– 25% of the marks assigned to the question

NISM Depository Operations Exam Syllabus Outline

UnitsChapter Name
Unit 1Introduction to the Capital Market
Unit 2Introduction to Depository
Unit 3Depository and its Business Partners
Unit 4Functions of Depository Participant - Account Opening
Unit 5Functions of Depository Participant - Transmission and Nomination
Unit 6Functions of Depository Participant - Dematerialization
Unit 7Functions of Depository Participant - Trading and Settlement
Unit 8Pledge and Hypothecation
Unit 9Corporate Action
Unit 10Public Issues
Unit 11Debt Instruments and Government Securities
Unit 12Foreign Portfolio Investor
Unit 13Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Schemes
Unit 14Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA)

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A resident Indian can also be a Foreign Portfolio Investor. State True or False?

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What is the maturity period of Treasury Bills?

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RBI does not register transfer of securities during ________

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State whether the statement is true or false: An investor in government securities holding electronic balances in the depositories SGL-1 account can convert them into physical certificates by the process of rematerialisation.

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Who resolves the mismatch during rematerialisation of government securities?

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Public limited companies are required to make the public offer only in dematerialised form in case the offer is more than ____ crore.

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Issuer shall be required to enter into agreement with all the ________ before coming out with a public offer.

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The securities offered in the public offer can only be traded in the stock exchange in demat form?

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During distribution of dividends, companies should mandatorily print the bank account details furnished by the Depositories on the payment instruments

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Can SEBI issue guidelines pertaining to public issues?

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